Integrated banking is live!

Reach financial freedom in 10 years, not 40.

Whether it’s life on your terms, or life on a beach. Solo Capital provides entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners with the tools and education they need to reach financial freedom faster. 

Retire in 10 Years, Not 40

Whether retirement means life on your terms, or life on a beach. SoloCapital provides entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and business owners with the tools and education they need to reach financial freedom faster. 

Solo Capital Platform

The retirement plan & platform, built for businesses of one.

Solo Capital is the personal finance platform made for the lean business owner.

retirement plan + platform

The Solo 401k


$500 setup fee

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The Solo Capital Platform

One platform, endless possibilities.

Discover the simplicity and power of Solo Capital, your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Solo 401(k). Effortlessly make contributions, open bank and brokerage accounts, and diversify across asset classes – all within a visually stunning, user-friendly dashboard 

Fully integrated banking

Automatically open one bank account per participant and per tax treatment.

Built in IRS compliance

We take the guesswork out of Solo 401k contributions and make sure you stay in compliance with the IRS.

Brokerage & Crypto coming soon

Diversify across assets like stocks, bonds, ETFs, digital currencies, real estate, and private equity

Buy private investments instantly

Buy private investments right in the dashboard and create detailed, accurate records of all transactions

Hassle-free record keeping

Enjoy automated tracking of all contributions and manual private investments

Simplified contributions

Link your business and personal bank accounts to make seamless contributions within the app

Reach your financial goals, ahead of schedule

Leverage larger contribution limits, tax-free compounding, and access to alternative assets to build wealth up to 3X faster.

20 year time horizon

* Illustration assumes net earnings from self employment of $148,000/yr, maximum Solo 401k contributions of $56,000/yr and investment growth of 12%/yr with alternative investments; compared to maximum contributions into IRA of $6,000 and SEP IRA of $37,000 with compound annual growth rate equal to that of S&P 500 in 2000-2018, including dividends, which is 4.83%.

What our clients are saying

Thousands of business owners trust Solo Capital.

I was actually surprised at how easy and seamless the process was. Love the automation.

We previously utilized another company to set up our Solo 401k and the support was almost non-existent. How refreshing to find Solo Capital which created a new Solo 401k, has excellent resources available on their website, conducts informative webinars, and is available to respond to any remaining questions. THIS is the place to establish your Solo 401k!
Daniel M
We have been with the Solo Capital for over 10 years and have been very pleased with the service. As newbies to the Self Directed 401(k) world, they were VERY helpful in helping us navigate which investments were allowed and not allowed. I would highly recommend them to anyone wading off into the waters of Self Directed retirement plans. It has been one of the best investment decisions we have made.
Judy Hoggard
Solo Capital is an amazing platform for Solo 401Ks, the team is outstanding, helpful, and always keeping our best interest at heart. Of course, they always encourage us to consult with SMEs if we have specific questions about our own unique situation. But the wealth of knowledge and guidance is stellar. Kudos to Josh for answering all our questions. If anyone is considering a Solo 401K platform, I highly recommend Solo Capital.
I was in a time crunch to get my Solo401K open and funded so that I could make an investment. I had some questions along the way and received excellent customer service each time that I called. Combined with their pricing and fees, I don’t know that you can find a better combination.
Very easy to work with and extremely easy to set up and get your account funded.
Jake B.

Setup your Solo 401k in 5 minutes or less.

Get immediate Solo 401k access at a single affordable price. No hidden charges or management fees. Quickly contribute, transfer funds, and diversify investments across asset classes upon account opening.

The retirement plan for businesses of one