Build and optimize your wealth like the 1%

Solo Capital helps high-earners and solopreneurs build and optimize their wealth by unlocking investing and tax-strategies typically available to only the elite.

Optimize taxes and grow your net worth

We are committed to helping you become the smartest, wealthiest investor you can be.

How It Works

We combine innovative investment strategies with tax-advantaged accounts to help you grow wealth and take the guesswork out of your future.

Optimize Your Taxes

We'll identify and help you setup your tax-advantaged accounts so you can start keeping more of what you earn.

Create Your Wealth Plan

We'll determine your risk tolerance and provide a diversified strategy to grow your wealth for the long-term.

Grow Your Net Worth

In today's markets, the ability to adapt quickly is key. Our investment team is always monitoring and adjusting strategies to meet your goals.

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